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We are one of the leading auto repair shops serving customers in Brunswick and surrounding areas.
Car service Brunswick guarantees that all mechanic services are performed by highly qualified mechanics.


If you want the quality you would expect from the dealership, but with a more personal and friendly atmosphere, you have found it.


We have invested in all the latest specialist tools and diagnostic software that is specifically tailored for the software in your vehicle.


Our auto repair shop is capable of servicing a variety of models. We only do the work that is needed to fix your problem.


Car Service Brunswick offers a full range of garage mechanical services to vehicle owners located in Northern metropolitan area.
Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services.


Conveniently located in inner Melbourne suburb of West Brunswick, NK Motors are specialists in car servicing, we provide top quality mechanical work on all makes and models, including commercial fleet vehicles. We have over 30 years of providing excellence in car service and offer a free 65 point safety check with every service and 12 month warranty on parts and labour.

  • "I have taken a couple cars here for the past few years and without exception the experiences have been outstanding. I would highly recommend this place to any one who wants great service, honest value, and really great people."

  • "I have taken a couple cars here for the past few years and without exception the experiences have been outstanding. I would highly recommend this place to any one who wants great service, honest value, and really great people."

  • "I have taken a couple cars here for the past few years and without exception the experiences have been outstanding. I would highly recommend this place to any one who wants great service, honest value, and really great people."



Car service Brunswick is an Elf Authorised Car Service centre, we have a solid commitment to high quality workmanship, ensuring the very best in automotive care. We strive to be the best trained mechanics in Melbourne. Our Business is a member of the VACC program, ensuring each mechanic is kept fully up to date with modern vehicle repair methods.

Our fully qualified log book servicing ensures your car is in safe hands. We provide quality car service and repairs on all models including Four Wheel Drive and Diesel vehicles.
We provide approved Safety Certificate Inspections for all cars.

Car Service Brunswick Mechanic


We provide top notch maintenance service for all types of vehicles.
We are certified to service and repair the following makes:

  • Holden
  • Land Rover
  • Lexus
  • Audi
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes – Benz
  • Volkswagen
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • BMW
  • Ford
  • Porsche
  • Peugeot
  • Renault
  • Toyota


  • Tyres

    Tires are a major purchase so you want to maximize your investment. Here are some tips to help you prolong tire life, improve gas mileage and enjoy a superior driving experience.

    New Tire Purchase: It is important to purchase your tires in pairs or sets of four. The reason for this is that you might be compromising safety if you mix new tires with old or different types of tires. Your new tires should be the same size, have a speed or performance rating, and meet or exceed the load capacity of your original tires.
    Breaking In New Tires: In order for tires to not stick to the mold during manufacturing, a lubricant is applied. Some of the lubricant residue will remain on the tire and effects traction during the break in period. So if the traction is feeling a little odd, you have nothing to worry about, it’s a normal effect that comes with the purchase of new tires.
    Tire Pressure: Check your tire pressure at least once a month, but make sure before checking that the tires are cold. The necessary safety measures are to not check your tire pressure if you’ve driven your car for more than 2 kilometres or within the last three hours.
    Tire Rotation: Rotate your tires every 10,000 kilometres, or as it is recommended in your owner’s manual. The front tires get worn out differently than the back tires, since they are constantly scraping as they turn. Rotating will help your tires to wear evenly for consistent performance and safety.
    Wheel Alignment: Whenever new tires are installed, unusual tire wear appears, your car has encountered a curb, or suspension components are installed, the wheel alignment of your car should be checked. An incorrect wheel alignment can cause rapid tire wear and damage.

  • Transmission

    One of the most costly components to repair or replace, is your car’s transmission. Things such as a burning smell, noisy when in neutral, check engine light being on, and grinding and shaking are indicators that your transmission might need repair or replacement. With these tips that we have provided you can prevent any major problems occurring with your transmission.
    Check your Fluid: Low or dirty fluid increases wear on components. The proper amount of clean fluid will extend the life of your transmission. Change your transmission fluid in accordance with the maintenance schedule recommended by your car’s manufacturer.
    Transmission Fluid: At time we forget to check our fluid, but that’s not something you want to forget. Low or dirty fluid increases the wear of components. The right amount of clean fluid will increase the lifespan of your transmission. Make sure to change your transmission fluid in accordance with the maintenance schedule recommended by your car’s manufacturer.
    Filter Change: Regularly check and change your filters. If you have a clogged or dirty filter it will restrict the flow of fluid and can cause erratic shifting. This could damage the components and lead to costly repairs.
    Leaks: Keep an eye out for leaks. If you see reddish transmission fluid beneath your car, you may have a leak somewhere. Ignoring it could seriously damage your transmission and could leave you stranded. There’s not much that can be done to prevent leaks, however getting your car checked regularly can prevent you from dealing with a transmission leak.
    Clutch: If you have a manual transmission, you will be aware of how the clutch feels when you shift. If you detect a change, such as shuddering or less resistance, contact Speedy for an inspection to resolve the issue. You can prevent any major damage as long as it is taken care of immediately.
    Owner’s Manual: Check your owner’s manual to find out how often you should have a transmission service inspection. Speedy transmission service professionals can help you keep your car’s transmission system – manual or automatic – in the best shape possible

  • Cooling System

    The owner’s manual of your car provides you with the ideal frequency of maintaining your engine’s cooling system. Speedy Auto is the ideal place to get your heating and cooling system looked at for maintenance or repair if needed. A well maintained cooling system can help prevent wear of your engine. Here are some tips you can use to avoid wear and breakdowns:
    Coolant Level: You should be re-filling your coolant if it has been more than two years since you have drained it last. However that’s not the only time that you should flush out and re-fill the coolant. Over time your engine wears out and can become contaminated. If this happens, you need to re-fill with fresh coolant. Follow the owner’s manual for directions of this process.
    Flush your Engine: The cleaner your engine is, the cooler it will run, preventing wear and tear. Modern cars are not in need of performing an engine flush, however if it’s an older car, you might be in need of an engine flush. An engine flush is meant to remove deposit build-ups, cleans up what the filter misses, keep the engine parts clean, and keep new oil clean.
    Inspect Hoses: It is recommended by most manufacturers to replace your hoses once every four years, however this is not always the case. It is important to inspect the hoses for any cracks or holes. Hoses in the cooling system need to remain sealed to provide proper protection and keep the engine from overheating.
    Leaks: Usually it is easy to notice a leak. If there is a leak, you can see the coolant dripping, seeping, dripping or bubbling. If you realise any leakage internally or externally, make sure to have it inspected and repaired.
    Use Your Heater: This might sound odd but if your vehicle begins to overheat, turn on the heater and open the windows. The heater will help dissipate the heat as the interior fan directs air across the heater core.

  • Windshield Washer Fluid

    NK Motors has wiper fluid for both summer and winter driving. Visibility is critical for safe driving and should not be taken for granted. Here are few tips to help you clearly see the road ahead for a smooth driving experience.
    Fluid Level: Keep your windshield wiper fluid reservoir filled to the correct level, especially before beginning a long trip or travelling in bad weather. This is an easy task since there’s an indicator showing the maximum level that it should be filled to
    Fill The Right Reservoir: Some car owners may mistake the coolant reservoir for the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. The best distinguisher between the two is that the coolant includes a hose that leads to the radiator. It’s not a big concern if you have accidently poured the fluid in the wrong reservoir. If the car has not started yet, all you will need to do is to perform a flush and fill.
    Keep a Spare Container: It is recommended to carry a spare container of windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle, just in case. You’ll be grateful if you ever run out during winter driving while it’s snowing or raining.

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