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Tire change


NK Motors are your one stop shop for all your car servicing needs including Wheel Alignments, Wheel Balancing and Tyres.

Tyre and Wheel services we offer include:
– New tyres, fittings and repairs if possible
– Wheel alignment
– Wheel balancing

Wheel Alignment
If your car drifts to one side while the steering wheel is positioned for straight driving then you probably need a Wheel Alignment. We will inspect your suspensions angles and adjust them to ensure correct handling and optimal contact with the road.

Wheel Balancing
Your wheels can become unbalanced overtime due to uneven tyre wear or just normal wear and tear. You’ll notice you have a problem when your steering wheel shakes at a particular speed or while braking. We will inspect and measure the balance then apply weights to your wheels to even them out.


– Rubber – this is obviously the primary material in your tyre but there are different types for different parts. The rubber tread lugs come in contact with the road, flex on impact and mould to the road’s surface to increase traction.
– Space – the voids in between the lugs serve an important purpose too, they channel water away from underneath the tyre to prevent hydroplaning.
– Harder rubber reinforced with wire – this is used in the ‘bead’ which connects the tyre to the wheel rim.
– Harder rubber reinforced with cords – this rubber can be found in the ‘sidewall’ which connects the tyre tread to the ‘bead.’
– Ply – layers of cords in the rubber that help to hold its shape and prevent stretching from internal pressure.
– Metal or rubber – the valve stem can be made from metal or rubber. This connects the Schrader valve to the tire.
– Metal – the Schrader valve lets air in and out when the pin is depressed so you can inflate and deflate the tyre as needed.
– Air – your tyre won’t do much good without air inside (compressed to the right pressure).

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